Battle Camp 10 Tips and Tricks

After completing the instant Tutorial gamers are told to Fight Monsters but for some people, they might not comprehend what exactly to do. To streamline it, complete quests, gather monsters, make beasts more powerful. However, it’s a little bit more over.


The first thing you have to do as a new gamer is Battle Monsters in camp. Upon completing a battle you will either make Stones or Beasts. Stones are the primary currency and shouldn’t be utilized frivolously. Beasts can either be switched onto your group, or fed to other beasts via blend. This is how a lot of your early time will be invested.

— Quick Tip: Just turn quests in when you are at 0 energy if they will result in levelling. Any energy left on the table is lost.

After finishing camp which if you follow the quick idea for energy will happen on your very first sitting, you will hit level 5 and Teepee Hollow (the first genuine zone) opens to you. Don’t go!

Uncommon Farming:

Farming Rares early on should be performed in Camp. The factor is that camp Rares only take 2 Pieces to complete while rares in other zones take more. This indicates that farming camp is the fastest way to obtain a team of Rares. They are slightly weaker than other zone rares, however they make farming much faster and easier. A group of full rares decreases the chance that you’ll lose fights, resulting in more energy and experience in the long term.

Every zone has 5 Uncommon beasts that appear at various frequencies so they require time to farm, likewise, the higher level zones have more effective Rares (although the difference isn’t really huge).

Gem Matching:

Beasts attacks are achieved by matching gems of their components. So 3 Fire Gems will trigger all your fire monsters to attack. The attack gets a reward based on the number of gem matches were made. So, in order to take advantage of each attack aim to match as many gems as you can each round. You can drag around the gem to make this much easier.


As you level your team you’ll begin to collect great deals of beasts. When using blend to level your beasts bear in mind that beasts of the exact same component deal bonus offer experience. Likewise, every monster has a ‘Feed’ value that can be seen in the brochure. The amount of experience a monster will acquire from being fed another beast is the ‘Feed Worth * Level’ of the beast being fed. The quantity costs to feed a beast increases with the receiving monsters level. For instance, a level one monster needs 5 stone per beast being fed to it. A level 2 monster requires 10 stone per monster. Because of this, it’s much better at an early stage to save stone by levelling monsters equally rather than feeding all the beasts to one. The formula for the rate is ‘Level * 5’.

So, because of this, there is an optimum method to keep your rate down on Feeders. Early on the best alternative is to sell any beast that is not a minimum of a minimum level (you can choose what’s acceptable) and feeds the high-level ones to your beast, with preferential treatment to the same aspect.


Evolution is expensive and difficult but makes a beast much more powerful. Personally, I only progress uncommon beasts in Battle Camp for one factor, To open the brochure area for it. As a gamer, it depends on you to develop, however, it needs 2 of the exact same beast and 4 Specials of the exact same element to evolve a beast. This isn’t particularly extreme, but early on those Specials are more useful in levelling than evolution.

Keep in mind in development monsters carry over 5% of their statistics to the final kinds base statistics. If the monster is maxing level in evolution it rollovers 10%. This can result in a HUGE difference. So, I typically state Advancement needs to be left for beasts SR or higher unless you are seeking to unlock the catalogue.


Always, Constantly, Always, take part. Not just because you can generally make Ultimate Grabs, Stones/Specials/SR however because it lets other gamers understand you are active and increases your chances of being recruited into an active troop. Active Soldiers raid, which assists increase your power EXTREMELY rapidly.


Players in Troops can Rob whenever the admins begin one. Raids consist of 5 Waves of effective beasts and as soon as defeated within the time frames yields a piece of an SR beast. After 6 Pieces you earn that SR. This is the BEST method to quickly end up being more effective,.


Enroll in soldiers to Raid, Total in Events, and simply, in general, having fun. Troops are a substantial part of Battle Camp. To discover Soldiers you can look for one in general, however, I advise utilizing occasion rankings to hunt for soldiers that may be looking for people.

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