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Make sure every mob on your team has the exact same zodiac. This will result in the Passive capability on all of your mobs being active. A group of 5 matching rares is more effective than a group of supers with a mis-match of zodiacs.
The main mobs on your group ought to have complimentary Active and Passive capabilities. This means if your Passive is attack based (eg. Lethal/Rogue) then the Active ought to be attack focused also (eg. Crush/Snipe/Vampire).
Double tapping your mob throughout fight will fire the active if it’s ready to deploy.

When fighting numerous mobs, you can target a mob individually just by clicking on it (a cursor will show on the mob) prior to making your relocation.
If you’re fighting with mobs recovery themselves (eg. Leech throughout Lost Temple or Celestial Towers) utilize mobs with Lacerate or Wound active to stop them from healing.
Component attack boosters will double the base attack just, not the total attack. Take a look at your PR breakdown to see your base attack.
Poisonous and Venom do not stack so only have one Hazardous or Venom mob on your group.
Regen stacks so you can have several mobs with this active on your group if you want.

Evolving & Levelling Mobs:

Use the Feeding Guide and XP Table to assist calculate the most efficient way to level your mob using what you have offered.
Uncommons have the very best feed value of all typical mobs so always farm at the Lost Temple for levelling mobs.
Usage five exact same component uncommons to rapidly level up a level 1 or 2 unusual to level 15-20 at very little stone expense.
When evolving super/ultra/epic mobs ALWAYS make sure to Completely Evolve (PE). This implies making sure all ‘active ingredients’ are maxed prior to you use them to develop. Failure to PE a mob will mean the statistics for you mob will be much lower than they need to be.

Passive Levelling:

Passive levelling can be really aggravating specifically when it fails to level at a high likelihood opportunity. To halt your aggravation, feed rares one at a time to your mob. The likelihood of success is lower however there is still a great chance of it levelling the passive at lower levels at a much lower danger.
Farm for rares at Camp or Teepee Hollow where just 2 pieces are required to finish the unusual.
The number of stones needed in order to feed a mob increases as the level of the target mob boosts. To save on stones, try to passive level when your mob is at a low level (e.g. following advancement).

Free Gold with Tapjoy & AppBounty:

Tapjoy and AppBounty are both mobile benefit platforms where you make gold/credit by downloading free Apps or completing tasks/purchases.
See on your mobile internet browser. Once you have actually registered your device you’ll be able to get the offers and Gold will be added directly to your Fight Camp account.
Use Safari on your iOS device to go to and register free of charge. You’ll then be able to earn credit by finishing deals which can then be redeemed for iTunes/Amazon coupons.

Relabeling Mobs:

Fight Camp impose a ten character limitation on names however there is a basic method to get around it on any iOS gadget. After you’ve typed a name, simply move the cursor to the front and you can include an additional ten characters:
You can likewise include numbers and certain unique characters to the name however to do so you’ll have to very first include the “Chinese – Simplified Handwriting” keyboard to your iOS device. To do this go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Chinese – Simplified Handwriting

Once the keyboard has been added simply select the World button on the keyboard to switch between keyboards. You’ll then have the ability to draw the character you seek – some experimentation is needed to obtain it working appropriately.

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